Dr Daryoush Daniel Vaziri

Field of research

Design and Development of IT-Healthcare Innovations


Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
daryoush.vaziri [at] h-brs.de

Sankt Augustin

Grantham-Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
E 015

Research Associate
Department of Management Sciences (Sankt Augustin Campus)


Research Field:

- Design and development of information and communication technologies
  for the support of active healthy ageing


participatory design, user centered design, mixed methods, active healthy ageing


Scope of Tasks:

- Execution of research projects
- Publication of research results
- Planning and execution of practice projects
- Supervision of Bachelor- and Master Theses
- Supervision of seminar papers


- Lecture Master IuI: Innovation Management
- Bachelor of business administration: Data management


Conference Proceedings


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Book Chapters


Vaziri, D. D. and DeOliveira, D. Improving the Accessibility of Business Process Modelling Tools. In: Perez-Castillo, R. and Piattini, M. (Eds.). Uncovering Essential Software Artifacts through Business Process Archaeology.



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