4 \\ Exams & Teaching Methods

The MBA in CSR & NGO Management Programme intends to strike a balance between various theory and practice approaches. It favours the study of real-world situations so this provides students with hands-on learning experiences and allows them to develop effective decision-making and analytical skills.

Teaching Approaches and Didactics

The lecturers of the MBA in CSR & NGO Management programme provide a wide range of different state-of-the-art teaching methods and didactics to our students:

  • expert presentations and guest lectures
  • individual exercises and group work
  • (dynamic and practical) case study work
  • team and group discussions
  • field trips and excursions
  • interactive teaching discussions
  • business simulation
  • oral team / class presentations
  • practical exercises
  • and some more

and bringing in own practical experience students can learn from. All this in combination with classical information exchange, immediate application and critical reflection provides best constructive learning environment and allows students to have a rigorous and professionally relevant learning experience.

Teamwork is encouraged in most of the courses within the MBA Programme. Frequent teamwork supports the allocation of responsibilities in planning and implementation is trained.

The MBA students are expected to prepare some of their assignments such as papers, oral presentations, a business plan and some case studies in a collaborative way. Considering that students come from different educational and professional backgrounds and most of them have substantial work experience, team assignments help them to become engaged in learning from each other as well as from faculty, texts, books, articles and practical cases. Graduates can exchange the acquired skills with technical representatives and with lay over information, ideas, problems and solutions on a scientific level. 

The MBA program uses the Case Study method with a CSR and / or NGO focus extensively. Typically, students are introduced to a real decision to make situations, and given some background on the organization and its operating environment. Students are then expected to identify the key issues in the case, evaluate different options, make a reasonable decision, recommend a clear plan of action, and defend their position.

In addition to the case method, instructors use and combine other teaching methods such as role-playing, field trips, inviting guest speakers, interactive discussions, lecture, oral presentations, simulations, research projects, pitching sessions and business plan development works.

Many of our lecture formats allow many forums for discussion and exchange and this, in turn, allows students the development of formal and informal professional communication skills. The students acquire the ability of interdisciplinary thinking through group work and the involvement of appropriate cultural specifics in intercultural groups and working together constructively and solution oriented. Through presentations, group discussions, teamwork and individual elaborations (as in the exam) the student’s communication skills are put to the test and are improved.

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Type of performance tests during your MBA studies

  • Written Exams (mostly Essays!)
  • Academic paper works
    (use the HBRS Academic Wrtiting Guidelines!)
  • ​Business plan paper work
    (in form of a group work)
  • Oral presentations (e.g. in elective classes)
  • Practical Term Report
    (for students who entered the MBA programme with
    less then 210 ECTS credit points!)
  • ​Master´s thesis
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

General Principles
Students are obligated to hand in a medical certificate with the examination office by mail or in person immediately after the decision not to participate. A medical attestation is to be handed in before the respective exam date. Otherwise the missed exam is counted as fail.

Procedure for students of the H-BRS
The non-participation of an exam requires a filled-in form "Withdrawal from Examination due to Illness" + a dostors note / medical attestation. The moment of the first entry of the attestation is crucial. The original attestation is relevant for final recognition. Incomplete forms will not be processed. If the Examinations Office has any reason to believe that the medical certificate is unfounded, it can require you to see a public health officer.

In case of illness, students must supply proof of illness by submitting a medical report or medical certificate form to the Examinations Office. An exact diagnosis is helpful but not necessary. The reason for the exam absence is irrelevant, however the formulation "Due to sickness, Mr.... / Ms... (Student´s name) is not able to attend todays exam" must be noted on the medical certificate, signed by the doctor with a stamp of the medical facility. The medical examination must be issued at the latest on the same day of the missed exam, the period of sickness must include the exam date and the original medical certificate is to be submitted until three days at the latest to the examination office.

What is to be done in case of sickness? A step-by-step instruction:

  1. In case of sickness, visit the doctor at the latest on the day of your examination date, in order to receive an offical doctor´s medical attestation. IMPORTANT: The day or the period attested on your sickness not should cover the examination day!
  2. ​Scan your medical attestation + the "Withdrawal from Examinations"-Form and
  3. send both attached to the E-Mail, on the fastest way to the examination office via E-Mail: pruefungenmasterCR@h-brs.de and the MBA Support Office in CC (info@mba-ngo.com).  
  4. Please send the original dostor´s note via postmail to the examination office immediately after your E-Mail via post mail to the following address:

    Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
    ​Campus Rheinbach
    Prüfungsservice / Examinations Office
    Ms Angelika Dierich
    Von-Liebig Str. 20
    53359 Rheinbach

A valid withdrawal from an exam is only possible when the original medical certificate is been submitted until three days after the respective exam date (at the latest) to the examination office via post mail! Negligence of this rules result in loss of exam tries.