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Department of Management Sciences


Martin Christian Kemnitz


Sankt Augustin


E 029


GRantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


02241 / 865 113


Professional career:

  • Industrial Manager (automotive supply industry)
  • Market Processing  (automotive supply industry)
  • Consultant at IDS Scheer AG, Saarbrücken
  • Division Manager organisational consulting at EMPRISE Management Consulting AG, Hamburg
  • 20Keys - Consultant and Project Manager at Panskus ODI Deutschland GmbH, Wuppertal

Recent activities:

  • Teacher for special tasks at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (Sankt Augustin Campus)
    Subject area: Production, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
  • Independent Business Developer (
  • Seminar leader for management seminars
  • Associate lecturer for various public and private institutes of higher education

Experience as project manager:

  • Business development according to KAIZEN
  • Business development according to the 20Keys
  • Implementation and application of the Toyota production system
  • Development, implementation, application and management of company-specific management systems for a competitive business development
  • Selection, implementation and application of quality management systems, especially according to the EFQM model, DIN ISO 9000-2000, TS16949 and TQM
  • Selection, implementation and application of ERP systems, especially SAP (procedure model of IDS-Scheer AG)
  • Implementation and application of logistics systems, esp. supply chain management
  • Business process modelling, analysis and optimisation with the ARIS toolset

Book publications:

Teaching qualification:

  • General Business Administration
  • Corporate Management
  • Organisation / Process and Project Management
  • Production Management and Industrial Production
  • Lean Production / The Toyota production system
  • The Synchronous Production System of Hitoshi Takeda
  • KAIZEN / Business development and Organisation development
  • Change Management
  • Integrated Management Systems, Quality Management
  • Logistics Management / Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement and Distribution Logistics
  • Trainings (Presentations, Self management and Team management)

Methods expertise:

  • Valeo Production Systems (The five axes)
  • 20Keys – Business development according toIwao Kobayashi
  • The Synchronous Production System of Hitoshi Takeda
  • The Toyota production system of Taiichi Ohno
  • Flow production, Line and U form, One piece flow
  • 5S – Cleanliness and Order according to Hiroyuki Hirano,
  • KAIZEN nach Masaaki Imai, elimination of MUDA
  • KANBAN, Production Kanban and Transport Kanban
  • SMED - Workshops according to Shigeo Shingo, Mixed Production
  • TPM - Workshops, Methods and Techniques
  • TQM - Methoden and Techniques, QFD, FMEA, DoE, SPC etc.
  • Poka Yoke, Q7, M7, Gemba, Andon, Hoshin, Heijunka, Jidoka
  • Front Supply and Circle Delivery, Levelling and Equalisation
  • Visualisation, The visual factory, Semi-autonomous Teams
  • Mapping, Takt Timing, Batch Sizing and much else

Advisory services:

Teachers for special tasks