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Department of Management Sciences

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Prof. Dr Dr. Thomas Roeb M.A.

Department of Management Sciences (Rheinbach Campus)/Professorship of Business Management, esp. Retail Management


Department of Management Sciences




B 102


von-Liebig-Str. 20

53359, Rheinbach


Subject areas:

  • Retail Management
  • Marketing

Research areas:

  • Retail Management
  • Marketing



  • Various one- or two-day strategy workshops for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers

Plus the following reports

  • Brand image analysis based on a representative consumer poll
  • Analysis of the customer profile of a wholesale company
  • Strategic frame concept for an own-brand policy
  • Trade image analysis based on a purchaser survey of the most important trading partners
  • Basis for argumentation with regard to the acquisition of a large corporate player as a customer
  • Strategy concept for the marketing of fairly traded products
  • Examination of competition regulations in view of the pricing conduct of large corporate players in the field of food retailing
  • Examination of the decision-making structures and processes of listing/dump in German food retailing
  • Basic concept for the strategic realignment of market-oriented activities
  • Workshop on the optimal strategic reaction (product policy, brand policy, distribution policy, price policy, communication policy) to the structural changes in German food retailing
  • Qualitative und quantitative benchmarking of the meat counters of leading supermarkets and hypermarkets
  • Workshop on the key issues of the development of a trading company to a retail brand
  • External benchmarking of leading food retailers in Germany, France and Spain
  • Analysis of the earning potential of selected product groups for a retailer
  • Customer survey and following market segmentation for a leading drugstore chain
  • Concept for the strategic repositioning on behalf of a leading drugstore chain
  • Assessment of a new store concept for a retailer with a mixed food-/non-food product range in the premium segment
  • Design of a sales concept for a software tool for retailers
  • External benchmarking (cost structures, processes, purchase, sales, logistics etc. – market position) of selected food retailer in Germany
  • Europe-wide benchmarking of product ranges in selected product groups in food retailing
  • Analysis of the German market potential for handmade decorative articles from a developing country
  • Analysis of mega trends in German retail
  • Potential analysis of the retail sector as a distribution channel for bank services
  • SWOT analysis of a non-food discount supermarket
  • Development of an argumentation concept against competition authorities with regard to the takeover of a food discounter by the leading food chain
  • Initiation of contact between a foreign purchasing association and several German retailers
  • External benchmarking, SWOT analysis and development of the basic strategic realignment for an East European food discounter
  • Development of a PR strategy for a grocery chain offering organic foods
  • Analysis of the market potential of salty snacks in the market segment of the ethnic group of Turkish people in Germany
  • External analysis of the implementation of category management concepts in the stores of the largest drugstore chains – commissioned by the leading producer in its respective product group
  • Examination of the causes of inventory losses due to criminal activity and discussion of preventive possibilities for the retail sector
  • Examination on the development opportunities of butcher shops
  • Concept for the repositioning of the lower price level of a grocery chain
  • Analysis of the market potential for an international producer of vegetables
  • Structure analysis of the competitiveness of the German food retail trade with regard to company forms and individual companies
  • External benchmarking (cost and organizational structures) of non-food discounters at home and abroad
  • Examination of the consumer’s buying behavior with respect to a product group, based on a representative survey and the publication of the results in the relevant trade press as part of the PR strategy of one of the producers in the respective product group
  • Argumentation guideline/content-related support for the lawyers of a consumer goods manufacturer in the course of a competition law process
  • External benchmarking (cost and organizational structures) of autonomous and directed supermarkets
  • Development of recommendations for action for the non-food segment of an international food retailer
  • Development of alternative concepts for games as a part of the app of a food retailer

Further Information

Range of services

  • Corporate consulting
  • Trade industry studies

Advisory services

Consulting of industrial companies on issues of strategic trade marketing, of trading companies on issues of the optimisation of marketing strategies (retail branding) and the internal efficiency (logistics) and branch operations