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Department of Management Sciences

Start-up Development (MBA)

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This Master’s degree programme supports entrepreneurs who want to create their own business based on their own unique ideas. Students from any academic discipline who are intrigued by the prospect of founding their own company will gain practical insight into the basic principles of start-ups, from coming up with an initial concept and developing a business model to creating a business plan and handling their first launch on the market.

If you require an accessible version of the information provided on these pages (for example, documents), please contact the persons responsible for subject-related student counselling. We will be happy to support you.

Attention interested students!

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Start-up scholarship programme launched!

At the start of the winter semester 2023/24, prospective students of the programme Start-up Development (MBA) have the chance to apply for one of two start-up scholarships: The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees and is aimed at (prospective) founders who would like to combine their start-up with academic further education, but do not have the financial means to fully exploit their potential.


„Der direkte Draht zu Erfahrungsträgern, das Netzwerk und der Austausch mit den Kommilitonen sind klare Vorteile des Studiengangs gegenüber dem Gründen auf eigene Faust. Diese drei Faktoren bereichern mein Gründungsvorhaben enorm. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass es seit dem Start des MBA so richtig nach vorne geht. ”

Moritz Samrock - Masterstudent, Start-up Development (MBA)

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Content and Perspectives

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Teaser MBA-Videos

Teaser-Videos: Einblicke in den MBA

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hybrid semester

Intrapreneurship Pferdebox reduziert


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Modul handbook

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Study Requirements and Application Process


Tuition fees and Payment Start-up Development (MBA)

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Regulations: Official publications - Department of Managment Sciences

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Network and alumni


Master's degree

Standard period of study

4 semesters with a total of 120 ECTS credits

Language skills




Start of course

winter semester

Semester contribution


A first professional university degree with at least 180 ECTS and at least one year of professional activity. For certificates acquired outside Germany: Determination of the equivalence of formal qualifications and proof of required German language skills (DSH 2 or TestDaf 4x4).

Application period

Annually from May 15 to August 15

Tuition fees

The tuition fee per semester amounts to 3,900 euros. Each semester, the semester fee must be paid in addition.


accredited by Stiftung Akkreditierungsrat, peer-reviewed by AQAS


Studiengang Innovations- und Informationsmanagement

The application phase for the two Master's degree programmes "Innovation and Information Management" (MSc) and "Management Accounting and Management Control" (MSc) has started.

Teaser AWAKE Gründerinnenprogramm

Start of applications for AWAKE start-up programme - funded by EXIST Women

CyberSecurity Hackathon 2023

IT / Cyber Security Bonn Hackathon 2023: Kreative Lösungen für reale Probleme


Course Guidance Service Start-up Development (MBA)




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Appointments by phone or mail: Mo-Fr

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