Time schedules International Business

Semester schedules for the study programme International Business

Courses with the headline "Start [date]" or "[date]" are block courses which do not take place weekly - the dates of the corresponding courses will be published on Announcements - Related Links - Schedule list and/or on this site under Related Links.

During the first weeks there may be changes in the time schedules. Short-term changes and cancellations during the semester are published via Announcements - Cancellations and changes in the semester schedule. Please read Announcements regularly.

Time schedules winter semester 2022/23

Courses will take place on campus and a few courses will be offered online. Courses with an assigned room will take place on campus Sankt Augustin. Courses that are marked as "online" will take place digitally.

Depending on the course of the pandemic, the teaching format may change during the semester.

All schedules are preliminary and exact times/dates are subject to change.

Electives Rheinbach and Sankt Augustin Campus

Elective courses and the registration deadline for the those will be announced soon.

  • Electives Sankt Augustin Campus
  • Electives Rheinbach Campus

For Electives at Rheinbach campus please note that if there is no room number mentioned in the schedule the course will take place online.



Sankt Augustin Campus

For information about selected Specialisations in German please follow the link.

Rheinbach Campus

  • International Management
  • Sales Management