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Examination schedule winter semester 2018/2019, Registration period: 26.11. - 03.12.2018 - preclusive period!


Cancellations and changes in the semester schedule

13.11 - 2nd year students: presentation of specialisations will take place on 29 November 18 according to the following time schedule

13.11 - 1st year students: information session on the language concept will take place on 11 December 18, 14:00-15:00

31.10 - The lecture "Principles of Human Resource Management" on 02 November 18 will not take place.

30.10. - Webinar about the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia (partner university) on 11th December 2018, 8 pm (german time)

25.10 - Information according §4 (4) examination regulations: students have to register for all examinations of the first semester by the end of the fourth semester. Otherwise they are not eligible to take any further exam.

24.10 - 2nd year students: international business law examination debriefing session on 06.11.18, 16:30 with Mr. Treibmann

23.10 - Presentation about the study programmes at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia (partner university), on 19th November 2018, at 1 pm in room
G 102, Campus Sankt Augustin

23.10 - STARK Workshop: Etiquette manual: Advice for the attendance of the company day for international students (held in German language; German skills on a level of B2 (at least) is required); Date: 5th November 2018; Time: 10 am - 1 pm; Place: Campus Sankt Augustin, Building F, Room 418; Application (until 3rd November)

01.10 1st year students: Intercultural Communication: Split into Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3

28.09 2nd year students: Development of Business Application Systems: Split into Group 1 and Group 2

26.09 - Information session about the study abroad semester on 20th November 2018; students who would like to spend their 5th semester abroad must apply internally for a study abroad semester at our partner universities by 15th January 2019.

26.09 2nd year students: a re-registration for the language courses is not necessary

26.09 Helpful resources and links for international students:

24.09 - Culture programme winter semester 2018/19 (International Office)

10.09 - Scholarship DAAD Programme Promos 2019 (scholarships for an internship or study abroad semester etc.)

23.08 - Inspection of the examinations summer semester 18, 13 September 2018, 13:00-16:00 in room B116, Rheinbach Campus.

25.06 - Additional lecture "Business law in an international context" on 29.06.18 from 9:00-12:30 in room H001.

12.06 - Travel grants for internships abroad in the winter term 18/19 (compulsory or voluntary internship/practical period or final thesis) outside Europe or in countries that are not part of the Erasmus+ framework.

Examination schedule summer semester 2018, Rheinbach campus

Inspection of the examinations winter semester 17/18 part 2, 18 May 2018

Inspection of the examinations winter semester 17/18 part 1, 13 April 2018

Notification of examiners and approved resources

 Deregistration dates and publication of examinors in winter semester 2017/2018, part 1 and part 2



Cancellations and changes in the semester schedule

15.12 - Important information for registration for examinations!

For all International Business students who have not yet registered for any examinations in the initial allotted time (04.12 -10.12.17) we are now extending this period as a singular and exceptional gesture.

You will now have until the 23.12.17 (preclusive period) to register for your examinations due to the possibility there has been a technical issue in the SIS. Please note this is the final deadline on offer and will not be extended.

We kindly request you to write an email with your registration details and the examination(s) you wish to take to the head of the examination board Ms Prof. Dr. Rohleder (Room E133) at:

Please be advised that as a result of this extension due to extraordinary circumstances, a withdrawal from the examinations will not be permitted without good reason at a later date.

14.12 -  New version of the semester schedule with updated times and rooms

10.10 -  New version of the semester schedule with updated times and rooms

10.10 - Intercultural Communication – Division into Group A and Group B