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About the ZEV

ZEV is divided into two areas of work: the study programme Responsibility and the Forum Responsibility. This way, ZEV creates opportunities for discussion of contemporary and future issues in the curriculum and in the public sphere.
Wortwolke Ethics

ZEV's main topics are socio-ecological transformation and digitality. The focus is on the associated ethical challenges. These are related to the question of sustainable, humane development. ZEV works in an interdisciplinary manner and addresses scientific as well as technical and social issues.

The task of ethics is to examine normative assertions of every kind and origin and to ask the questions "What is good? And what is righteous?". Without ethics there can be neither responsible science nor technology in the service of people.

ZEV's task is to take up and illuminate aspects of current developments and to create spaces for critical exchange. In various formats in the public sphere and in education, new options for action are thus opened up.

Important topics include, for example, climate justice, data ethics, forms of economic activity, concepts of sustainability, fragility of democratic structures as well as their manifold consequences.

Studium Verantwortung

Study programme Responsibility

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