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Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation (ZIEL)

AG Core-Team Digitalisierung

The Working Group "AG Core-Team Digitalisierung" at H-BRS

The "Core-Team Digitalisierung in der Lehre" (Core-Team digitalisation in teaching) was founded in 2017 by the decision of the Presidential Commission for Teaching and Learning, in order to support the commission in dealing with this wide field.

For this purpose, dedicated members with a strong relation to the topic of digitalisation in higher education teaching were sent from each division. They will now work as teams on the topics of teaching and learning in (digital) higher education.

Major topics are digital tools and didactics, the promotion of innovative ideas but also the importance of the digitalisation for supporting entities and the infrastructure. Due to the complexity, working groups have formed more specific issues:

  • E-Assessement
  • Kompass Digitale Lehre (Compass Digital Teaching)
  • Administrative Challenges of Digitalisation
  • Support for Lecturers
  • OER

Members of the Core-Team Digitalisation:

University management and central service facilities

  • Hartmut Ihne
  • Stefan Böhmer
  • Katja Kluth
  • Sarah Friedrichs
  • Martina Grein
  • Alexandra Reher



  • Armin Ehrhardt
  • Susanne Kundmüller
  • Eva Besgen
  • Katrin Berchner
  • Alin Isabel Bernunzo
  • Jasmin Breuer
  • Vera Fuchsgruber
  • Melanie Klöß
  • Habiba Mohtadi
  • Anna Sancillo
  • Lena Wiesler
  • Tim Trampert
  • Valentina Derr
  • Christina Kaiser
  • Peter Manheller
  • David Marker


Language Centre

  • Jeannette Bergmann
  • Regina Brautlacht
  • Daniel Seibert


Department 01 - Management Sciences

  • Jürgen Bode
  • Stefan Freitag
  • Christine Buchholz
  • Patricia Brischke
  • Constanze Eick
  • Christine Freitag
  • Robert Grüter
  • Isabella Kern
  • Michael Malschützky
  • Andrea Schröder


Department 02 - Computer Science

  • Thorsten Bonne
  • Manfred Kaul
  • André Kless
  • Paul G. Plöger


Department 03 - Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

  • Iris Groß
  • Andrea Schwandt
  • Frank Dieball
  • Roberta Hodel
  • Björn Flintrop
  • Marco Winzker


Department 05 - Natural Sciences

  • Michaela Wirtz
  • Daniel Fine
  • Klaus Lehmann


Department 06 - Social Policy and Social Security Studies

  • Esther Schüring
  • Michael Heister
  • Filiz Kalmuk
  • Ulla Klee-Bender
  • Johannes Mockenhaupt
  • Brian Michael Mathebula



  • Deborah Müller
  • Hannah Petrik