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E-Learning at H-BRS

About the E-learning Team

E-Learning Team
As the university’s e-learning team, we design and support an innovative, forward-looking teaching and learning culture. We use the opportunities of digitization and networking to promote the idea of the open "Blended Learning University". Personal and individual support is particularly important to us.
3 Bereiche E-Learning

The E-Learning team is divided into three focus areas to cover all aspects of a digitally agile university. As a team, we support students, teachers, and staff of the university in all matters related to digital learning and teaching – from short-term emergencies to creative large-scale projects, we are here for you!

We are involved in these funded projects


Digital assessment in the SKILLS project

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Open educational resources


Training program TiDA

Discover the diversity of the e-learning team

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Podcast Bildungsfenster

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Digital Teaching Compass

Zertifikat_E-Teacher (DE)

E-Teacher Certificate Program

E-Tutor Badge

E-Tutor Certificate Program

Produktionsrucksack II - Für Fortgeschrittene (DE)

Equipment rental