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Guidelines for the Handling of Research Data at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

In 2019, the H-BRS adopted guidelines for the proper handling of research data.

The aim of the guidelines is to support the responsible handling of research data generated at the university.

"The same priority is given to the traceability and scientific verifiability of research and the best possible scientific re-use of the data obtained."

This includes information on the correct handling of research data (research data management, RDM), copyright, traceability, re-usability and working according to good scientific practice.

The H-BRS supports the implementation of the guidelines through central measures such as technical, organisational and legal advice on FDM. A storage infrastructure for research data is also to be created and the topic of FDM should already be adequately anchored in teaching. At the same time, researchers are encouraged to draw up a data management plan at the beginning of a research project in order to ensure a systematic and sustainable handling of the data.