Using LEA as a student

As a Student, what can I use LEA for?
Which tools are there in LEA?
How to exchange Information with my fellow students and lecturers?

Access to your course materials

In the event that your lecturer supervises his course via LEA, you will find the corresponding online course in LEA. In the platform "Repository", the courses are stored according to departments >> study programmes >> semesters. As a member of a course you can conveniently access your course materials (scripts, exercises, tasks, etc.) at any time and from any place via the Internet.

Exchange of information

Sending e-mail

LEA has got an integrated mailing system, which you can use to send e-mails to your fellow students or lecturers without having to search for their e-mail addresses. The e-mails are sent internally using LEA, and they can just as readily be forwarded to e-mail addresses stored externally.

Communication via forums

Within your courses, you often find forums that you can use to ask questions or give tips. The latter can then be accessed by other course participants and the lecturer and be answered or commented on. Furthermore, a forum can be used to have discussions. Should you want a forum to be set up for a course which has not yet been provided with this feature, please feel free to contact your lecturer about it.

How to set up student learning groups

Irrespective of the courses you are participating in, you can use LEA to set up your own learning group. Within such a group, you can jointly study, draw up texts, exchange documents and much more.

LEA eCollege

In the LEA eCollege you will find numerous self-learning programs and an extensive collection of links, including tips on learning materials that are freely available on the web. Click here to find further information.​


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the E-Learning Team.