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LEA Login for students

In general, your credentials for LEA and LEXA are your MIA credentials. So if you want to change your LEA-Password, please change your MIA password.

Important: If you change your MIA password, this affects other systems connected to MIA, e.g. your university e-mail account (exception: Department of Computer Science). The MIA password must not contain any parts of your first or last name. Please update all applications where the password is saved for an automatic check of your mailbox (e.g. e-mail programs or smartphone). This is neccessary to prevent your account from being blocked due to too many wrong login attempts.

If you have any queries, please contact the E-Learning Team.

Screenshot MIA Passwort ändern
Your MIA password

In order to be able to reset your MIA password independently, should you ever forget it, you should set password reset prompts in MIA. To do this, log in to MIA and click the "Reset prompt" button (see screenshot).

If you have problems with the MIA login or self-registration, please contact the department administrators or the service point of your department. They can reset the self-registration for you, so that you can set a MIA password again.

MIA-Login: department administrators or the service point of your department

Management Sciences - Sankt Augustin: Rainer Pieters
Management Sciences - Rheinbach: Tim Zimmermann 
Computer Sciences: Service Point 
EMT: Marcus Faak und Thomas Schmitz 
Natural Sciences: Service Point 
Social Security Management - Accident Insurance: Andrea Jussen
Sustainable Social Policy (BA) and  Social Protection (M.A.): Dieter Weiß-Gräf