SUPRA - Start-up Programme Rheinbach Sankt Augustin

SUPRA - Start-up Programme Rheinbach Sankt Augustin has been established to improve the ecosystem for knowledge and technology-based start-ups at H-BRS and in the entire Bonn region. The main goal of SUPRA is to create "Start-up-Manufaktur" which will be central point of contact for all start-up related activities at H-BRS. "Start-up-Manufaktur" bundles and coordinates start-up activities within the university.
Bild einer Präsentation vor einer Gruppe.
SUPRA aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit at H-BRS (photo: Unsplash)

The target groups are students, employees and alumni of H-BRS who are interested in founding a company or are those who already have founded start-ups.

The main fields of activity of "Start-up-Manufaktur" are:

• To raise start-up awareness: Through events and broad network

•  Start-up qualification: Offering teaching and qualification programs

• Start-up coaching:  Providing advice and support in all matters related to founding new businesses including identifying and applying for startup funds.

Comprehensive entrepreneurial curriculum will be offered at bachelor and master levels while external participants can register for Individual certificate courses.

Additional services such as consulting, match-making and scouting will be offered to those interested in setting up their own business. The offer is supplemented by the provision of suitable premises and the establishment of an H-BRS start-up network.

Coordinated marketing will increase the overall visibility of start-up activities at the university. "Start-up-Manufaktur" aims to enable a start-up-friendly climate  and to significantly expand start-up activities within H-BRS.

About EXIST-Potentiale:

The new programme "EXIST-Potentiale" supports German universities and their entrepreneurial networks in further developing a sustainable, university-based culture of entrepreneurship. It is part of the funding initiative of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy "EXIST-Culture of Entrepreneurship".

EXIST Potentials targets all universities in Germany that would like to leverage existing potentials in university-based entrepreneurial support. The funding programme has three thematic priorities: Leverage of potentials, Regional networking and International leadership.

More information about EXIST Potentiale can be found at:

Das Start-up Programm Sankt Augustin Rheinbach wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie gefördert.
SUPRA is co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the European Social Fund (ESF) as part of the EXIST programme (Logos: