Together with our cooperation partners from science and practice, our scientists conduct research in three core areas on the conditions, structures and processes for entrepreneurship and innovation as well as on various aspects of entrepreneurial change.
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The transfer of knowledge between science, industry and society is a priority of CENTIM. Therefore, we actively communicate our research results to the scientific community and business practice.

An overview of our publications since 2013 and of research articles that will be published can be found here:

Centrum für Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Mittelstand (CENTIM)

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Harald Meier, Frank C. Maikranz: Unternehmensgründung durch Migranten: Migranten-Entrepreneure verstehen und unterstützen.
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Klaus Deimel: Universities Third Mission and Business Incubation: Cooperation Between Universities and Business Incubators Demonstrated with the Example “Digital Hub Region Bonn”.
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