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The Way to your PhD

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If you are at the beginning of your doctorate or still considering whether a PhD could be the next career step for you, you will find some important information here.

The first step: Find your topic and your supervisor(s)

It doesn't matter whether you obtained your Master's degree at another university or at the H-BRS: Your first consideration should be your doctoral topic. Then look for a professor to supervise your doctoral project. Make use of contacts from your studies or find out more about the research interests of our professors on the websites of our departments.

The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) has recommended to the State Ministry of Culture and Science that the HAW located in NRW be granted their own right to award doctorates in future via the PK NRW. If the Ministry agrees, there will be two options for doing a doctorate at the H-BRS in future:

1. doctorate with the PK NRW

You carry out your research project at the H-BRS. Supervision is provided by a professor from the H-BRS and two other professors from the corresponding subject group of the PK NRW. The doctoral degree is awarded by the Doctoral College NRW.

2. cooperative PhD  with a university with its own right to award doctorates

You carry out your research project at the H-BRS. Supervision is provided by a professor at the H-BRS and a second person from a university with a right to confer doctoral degrees. The doctorate is awarded by the cooperating university.

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