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Equal Opportunity

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office records all violations against the Guidelines on fair behaviour and reports to the President’s Office and the Senate once a year. Furthermore, the office takes on the responsibility, if necessary, of making recommendations on how to organise our university’s “conflict management system” within the framework of reporting; it does so based on the information provided by the various consultation services.

The members of the Ombuds Office include:

  1. General Students’ Committee, AStA
  2. Pia Stapelfeldt (Personnel Management Department)
  3. Guido Krause (Disability Commissioner)
  4. Olaf Stock (Council for Academic Staff)
  5. Katja Kluth (Consultant for Curriculum Design and Accreditation)
  6. Dr Barbara Hillen (Equal Opportunities Commissioner)
  7. Roberta Hodel (Ombudsperson)
  8. Prof. Dr Klaus Lehmann (Professors representative)

Trustees at the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

Confidential advisors are responsible for all members of a department or section and offer assistance with personal problems in the university environment, mediate in interpersonal conflicts and establish contact with professional counseling centers.


Department of Economics Sankt Augustin:

  • Petra Weißenfels
  • Eva Jacobsen

Department of Economics Rheinbach:

  • Anne Schaefer
  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schneider

Department of Computer Science:

  • Stephan Baum
  • Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kees

Department of Engineering and Communication:

  • Roberta Hodel
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Bunzemeier

Department of Applied Sciences:

  • Prof. Dr. Christina Oligschleger
  • Daniel Fine

Department of Social Policy and Social Security:

  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Peters-Lange
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Rexrodt

Library, administration, language center:

Dipl. Sozialarbeiterin Vera NDiaye(Betriebliche Sozialberatung an der Uni Bonn), Phone: 49 228 287 16455, Mail: