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Institute for Functional Gene Analytics (IFGA)

Microbiome Center

The Microbiome Center concentrates the microbiome research activities of the Institute For Functional Gene Analytics and the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.
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The Microbiome Center offers external partners full support for the entire project life cycle, starting from study design, study conduct, sequencing to bioinformatic evaluation in a broad range of microbiome applications.

Our key aim is to improve the understanding of the microbiome with standardized process and procedure.


At the Microbiome Center we have established an 16S rDNA workflow based on the Illumina MiSeq technology and the QIIME database for the characterization of microbial communities.

Standardized workflows for highly diverse sample types such as skin, gut, food or the environmental samples are established allowing microbiome studies in human and veterinary medicine, nutrition or agriculture.


  • Microbiome diversity in the canine inflammatory bowel disease
  • HypO3zone: Systemic protection against microbial contamination of water circuits in hypothermia devices by means of ozone
  • Microbiome diversity in soil samples
  • The kefir microbiome
  • Oral or gut microbiome examination of participants from DLR long term bed rest study

Our sophisticated Microbiome Center team can advise you with the clinical trial design.

Additionally, we can support you with sample processing and analysis.

We want to help you accomplish the full potential of your research ideas and needs.