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Institute for Functional Gene Analytics (IFGA)

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Institute for Functional Gene Analytics (IFGA)

The Institute aims to identify DNA variants by means of modern high-throughput sequencing methods (NGS) and to clarify their functional consequences at the molecular and cellular level level.

About us

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The Institute

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Persons (IFGA)

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Directions & Contact

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Student testimonials

News and Events

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Biomedical research at H-BRS is being further expanded


Major success for research in the life sciences

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H-BRS News: Professor Sass and Professor Althaus on rare diseases

Research Centres

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Nucleic Acid Center

Functional cell analytics molecules and proteins

Functional Cell Analytics Center

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Microbiome Center

Experimental Models Caenorhabditis Elegans

Experimental Models

Research outputs

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Publications (IFGA)

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Student Theses


Life Sciences - Lunchtime Research Seminars

The Institute on video

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The Institute for Functional Gene Analytics (IFGA)

Research Projects

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Functional and Forensic Genomics using Next Generation Sequencing (FunForGen)

Forschungsprojekt UMMBAS

Utilization of Molecular Modelling for Bio-Chemical Application Scenarios (UMMBAS)

Forschungsprojekt Analyseplattform

Analysis platform for molecular mechanisms and cellular functions

Forschungsprojekt AStaBak

Atomare Strukturaufklärung von Biomolekülen durch automatisierte Kristallisation (AStaBaK)

Forschungsprojekt Automatisierte funktionale Analytik von Ionenkanälen und Transportern

Automatisierte funktionale Analytik von Ionenkanälen und Transportern

Experimental Models Mammalian Cell Culture

Aminoacylases (Deficiencies of Aminoacylase 1 and of Aspartoacylase/ Canavan Disease)

Functional Cell Analytics Morphology and Dynamics

Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Disorders of the catabolism of branched-chain amino acids and D-glycerate kinase deficiency


Amino acid N-Acyltransferases in Human Metabolism


Ketone bodies: More than just energy carriers! (KETOplus)


CytoTransport - Mechanisms and Modulation of Cellular Transport Processes