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Department of Computer Science

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Maximilian Schöbel

Retired from the Department of Computer Science on: 04.01.2021/Research associate Project ROPOD


Department of Computer Science

Research fields

  • Erkennung menschlicher Aktionen aus Videos mit Hilfe von Comuter Vision und Machine Learning
  • Fokus: Verarbeitung zeitsequenzieller Daten, weakly/unsupervised learning Methoden


Sankt Augustin


Grantham-Allee 20

53757 Sankt Augustin

Research Projects


Objectives Develop and implement a disruptive concept for automatically guided vehicles (AGVs) that lowers the still existing barrier in logistics by offering • cost-effective, automated or semi-automated indoor transportation of goods, • while coping with existing legacy in terms of size, shape, and weight of goods and containers, • without imposing disruptive changes in existing logistic solutions, such as rebuilding entire warehouses or switching to new containers or storage technology.

Project management at the H-BRS

Prof. Dr Erwin Prassler