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International offerings and virtual exchange on campus

Even though a semester abroad or an internship abroad offers many opportunities and development possibilities, international competence can also be acquired at home on the campus locations of the H-BRS (Internationalisation@Home). Here is a small selection of our offers:
  • Less than 10% of the students at the H-BRS take advantage of the outgoing offers of our university. 90% of our students cannot go abroad for financial, family or health reasons, for example. With digital internationalisation, they should be offered the opportunity to develop international and intercultural skills. In addition, participation in digital international formats can arouse interest in taking part in an international exchange programme and break down barriers to mobility, thus increasing equal opportunities. More information:  

  • With its digital courses, the Digital International General Studies (DISG) offers the opportunity to gain international and intercultural experience from home. The courses are generally open to all interested students:
  • Various departmental courses are held in English and are also aimed at students from abroad.
    The project "Digital Internationalisation of the Faculties" (DIF) strengthens the expansion of digital courses in English across the university:
  • In the Study Buddy Programme, students from higher semesters supervise international students in their first semester:
  • The Language Centre offers a wide range of language and intercultural courses (e.g. language tandems or courses in intercultural communication) for all students:
  • In addition, the International Office and the departments offer intercultural events.