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Hydrogen: H-BRS researches pipeline networks of the future

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Monday 7 August 2023

Hydrogen produced in a climate-friendly manner is expected to play a decisive role in the energy transition and in achieving the climate targets. For this reason, the Federal Government wants to comprehensively develop the necessary technologies in three "hydrogen lead projects". An important point here: the transport infrastructure. In the "MechaMod" project, which is part of the "System Analysis" research network of the "TransHyDE" lead project, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (H-BRS) is describing and simulating in detail the behaviour of important plants in future hydrogen grids and their coupling with electricity grids.

The project focus of MechaMod is on detailed physical-chemical modelling for all mechatronic systems of the grid - that is, from the electrolysers (in which water is split into its components hydrogen and oxygen) to the compressor stations and controllers to possibly converted gas and steam power plants. Possible fuel cell power plants, which do not yet exist in Germany, are also part of the simulations. In these, water is produced from hydrogen and oxygen, and the resulting energy is used in the form of electricity and heat.

In the MechaMod project, the research professor is now calculating different scenarios in which several questions play a role: How much heat is generated during electrolysis? In what quality is the hydrogen sent into the pipelines? Are there other impurities in the pipeline? What influence does the composition of the gas have on plants and pressure drop? How do the gas and electricity grids react with each other? "We want to describe the behaviour of hydrogen accurately and thus lay the foundation for further research," says Clees. The team is also building software modules that will subsequently serve as a foundation for the project partners' investigations.

The "MechaMod" project: researching future hydrogen networks (German)



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