Vice President Transfer, Innovation and Sustainability (VP4)

Vice President Transfer, Innovation and Sustainability


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Since its foundation, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg has risen to an eminent position in the national and international science community and is regarded as a prime example of successful structural change in the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region. This is evidenced by the university’s consistently high rankings in various academic league tables, an impressive number of successful research projects, a large number of international university partnerships, and a strong network with partners in the fields of science, business, politics, culture and social affairs. The goal is now to consolidate this excellent position and develop it further.

The transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology has been central to the self-concept of H-BRS ever since its foundation; the university's research and teaching potential is put to work for business and society as part of its third mission. The university’s network management creates efficient channels through which external stakeholders can access the university, using the new opportunities opened up by digitization to make its portfolio transparent and barrier-free.

With its educational offerings and academic expertise, the university is a local partner in the region's community life. Its aims are to help shape regional challenges in a globalised world and to make a contribution to the innovative further development of the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region as a centre of scientific and business excellence. H-BRS initiates new developments and projects and contributes proactively to discussions with companies, authorities, politicians and a wide variety of social groups. In this way, it is contributing significantly to social development in the region and beyond.


The Vice-President's tasks encompass the identification of innovative potential at the university and the proactive recognition of developments that can be conjoined with the university's strengths. The Vice-President advocates framework conditions that foster innovation at the university. These include the necessary stakeholder freedoms, an open culture of communication that is keen to engage in discussion, a willingness to cooperate and a suitable teaching and work environment.


With this departmental structure, the university aims to exploit existing potential for regional cooperation with scientific institutions, municipalities and companies. Exchange between science and business in the context of a relationship based on cooperation is one of the forces that drive innovation and growth.

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Michaela Wirtz

Vice president transfer, innovation and sustainability, Professor for Chemistry, espec. Instrumental Analysis and Physical Chemistry


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E 232


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