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b-it bots are RoboCup world champions in 2019

Bitbots sind Weltmeister beim Robocup 2023

Wednesday 10 July 2019

The b-it-bots team of the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg from Sankt Augustin won the world championship title at the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney on Sunday, 7 July 2019. In the @work league of the robot tournament in Australia, the team of students from the Department of Computer Science beat the University of Magdeburg and Singapore Polytechnic to places two and three.

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"It is a fantastic achievement on the part of our students," says University President  Hartmut Ihne. "Robotics has been one of our university's main research areas for years and the team from the Autonomous Systems Master's degree programme has shown that it is top-notch."

German Champion at RoboCup in Magdeburg

As in other sports, the successful participation in the World Championship required a long and intensive preparation. The six students and their team captain Deebul-Sivarajan Nair had invested a lot of free time in the past months to make the robots fit for the big tournament. An important step was winning the @work league at the RoboCup German Open in May. In Australia, the robot was able to hold its own against the robOTTO team of the University of Magdeburg in the final. The b-it-bots are supervised by the computer science professors Paul Plöger and Gerhard Kraetzschmar.

For Plöger, it was a well-deserved victory, albeit a close one, after many years of optimisation and winning the vice world championship last year. The so-called basic manipulation test can be regarded as a benchmark for the state of software development. In the rotating table test, in which objects are gripped from a revolving table, the b-it bots team was the only team to successfully remove objects from the revolving table. The success of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in the field of robotics continues today with the RoboCup-Symposium where three working groups present their results in papers and posters.

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Competition and Team

The RoboCup @work league is about handling logistical tasks, or more precisely: about robots having to carry out various tasks independently in warehouses and production facilities. The competition arena is thus a room with low side walls and markings on the floor. There, the robots have to navigate independently and do their work. The challenge lies in grasping and transporting different objects correctly, and then depositing them correctly and undamaged. The robot platform youBot from Kuka is used in the @work league. Each team can change the platform according to their own ideas.

The b-it-bots team is composed of students of the international master degree programme Autonomous Systems of H-BRS and their team captain and research associate Deebul-Sivarajan Nair. This interdisciplinary degree programme combines elements from robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and programming and prepares students for solving complex problems in robotics or other autonomous systems such as self-propelled cars.

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