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Department of Social Policy and Social Security Studies

Student Testimonials

Sustainable Social Policy (B.A.)
Sonja Howard - Studentin FB SV (DE)


"Social policies are the reason why many of us are able to study. I chose the Sustainable Social Policy programme, because I want to understand and improve social security systems."

Sonja Howard (president of the class of 2019)

Bastian Prinz - Student FB SV (DE)


"I'm glad I chose the Sustainable Social Policy programme. The curriculum is very interesting. We learn how the different disciplines interact, which gives us a good overview of current issues in politics in general and social policy in particular. I would like to be a political consultant, and the integrated internship gives me the chance to try out if that’s really the field I want to work in."

Bastian Prinz (student, class of 2018)

Vivian Edler - Studentin FB SV (DE)


"The programme gives me the chance to pursue my interdisciplinary interest in politics. I’m specializing in methods and am getting great support. I feel well-prepared for my internship in the statistics department of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs."

Vivian Edler (student, class of 2017)

Henning Schneider - Student FB SV (DE)


"I was considering entering a standard politics or sociology programme at a university, but the Sustainable Social Policy programme offers more variety. Since H-BRS is an applied science university (Fachhochschule), studying here gives me more practical insights, and the programme includes an internship. What can I do with it? I'd like to work for an NGO, which there are plenty of in the region."

Henning Schneider (vice president of the class of 2017)

Mirjeta Rama - Studentin FB SV (DE)


"The Sustainable Social Policy programme offers a lot of variety, especially the subjects of political science, sociology and economics. What I like especially is that all these subjects focus on the social policy aspect. There are few programmes where students are offered such a broad choice of subjects."

Mirjeta Rama (student, class of 2017)

Phillip Jochmannn - Student FB SV (DE)


"The Sustainable Social Policy programme offers three specializations with a unique interdisciplinary approach. The way it's done is brilliant. Another feature I didn't find in any other programme is the internship. I’m doing mine in Brussels with the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB)."

Philipp Jochmann (student, class of 2017)



Lea Mürdter (Bild: privat) (DE)


"The existing partnership between H-BRS and the Institute of Finance Management allowed me to study abroad in Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania. There I took courses from the bachelor's in Social Protection, which matched my economics specialization. At first, Tanzania seems like an unusual choice to go study abroad. But it's exciting to look at what I've already learned from a different angle and see entirely new things. I grew both as a student and as a person. Outside of lectures, studying and exams, I had time to meet new people, a new culture and Tanzania's natural beauty!" 

Lea Mürdter (student, class of 2017)


"The Sustainable Social Policy programme gives me the chance to look at social issues from different angles. The atmosphere in class is pleasant; the teachers are interested in hearing our views and leave plenty of room for discussions."

Rebecca Knauer (president of the class of 2018)


Images: Eric Lichtenscheidt