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Social Security Management – Accident Insurance (BA)

Career Prospects (Social Security Management)

The occupational field is broad and includes the professional handling of complex tasks in the prevention, rehabilitation and compensation of occupational accidents or occupational diseases as well as in the contributions system.

This includes, among other things, the optimal care of insured persons or companies, especially in the areas of

  • Insurance (e.g. insured persons, examination of insurance cases)
  • Rehabilitation/Benefits (e.g. medical care, occupational and social participation  cash benefits/compensation, benefits for surviving dependants, personal budget, care)
  • Responsibility/Financing (e.g. calculation of contributions)


Study Guidance

Prof. Dr. Christian Rexrodt, Tel. +49 2241 865 168,

General Study Guidance of the H-BRS



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Christian Rexrodt

Professor for Case Management, Vice Dean




10 U 06


Zum Steimelsberg 7

53773, Hennef


+49 2241 865 168