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Toolbox "Inclusive action in teaching and collaboration" via LEA

Werkzeugkoffer Inklusives Handeln in der Lehre und im Miteinander

Wednesday 22 March 2023

The toolbox offers various information and tips to break down barriers, promote inclusion competence and ensure equal opportunities regardless of physical or mental conditions.

The collection contains useful links on inclusion in studying as well as information on disability and chronic illness. In addition, it provides tips for inclusion-sensitive communication and for creating accessibility.

In addition, the toolbox contains an overview of the inclusion services at  H-BRS and further support options to expand one's own competences and to actively participate in the promotion of inclusion at H-BRS and in social interaction.

The toolbox is managed by the Diversity Management Team.

The toolkit can be accessed as a LEA course via the following link (in German):
Inclusion at H-BRS

Inclusive action at H-BRS is important to enable all H-BRS members to have equal opportunities and to develop their potential, regardless of their physical or mental conditions. Every person has individual abilities that can be brought to the table through the inclusive design of teaching and everyday life at H-BRS. Furthermore, inclusive action at H-BRS promotes the inclusion competence of members. All members have a great influence on everyday life and cooperation at university. You can find more information on inclusion at H-BRS in our inclusion strategy.

If you have any questions or comments about the toolbox and inclusion at H-BRS, please contact Katrin Maag (Coordinator Inclusive University).


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