Advisory Board

The close cooperation between companies and the department of Management Sciences is one of the essential success factors for the strategic orientation of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. In order to intensify this cooperation an advisory board was founded following a decision by the departmental council in November 2010. It is the aim of the advisory board to build a continuous and active bridge between theory and practice. Closer cooperation is planned in research projects, student research projects, placement of trainees and guest lectures. In addition the advisory board serves as a platform for periodic exchanges of experts on the analysis and possible development of teaching contents in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

So far, a wide range of issues have been discussed in the meetings of the advisory board, such as lectures held in English, the companies’ future demand for training and further education and joint research projects.   

The advisory board consists of eight company representatives and four university representatives from the department of Management Sciences. The members of the companies include representatives of Bayer AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Ford Werke GmbH, Deutsche Post AG, Postbank AG, RTL Interactive GmbH.

Portrait Herr Lecke

Markus Lecke

Leiter Team Bildungspolitik, Competence Center HR Development, Deutsche Telekom AG

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Portrait Herr Scholz

Axel Scholz

Global Head of Human Resources der HARIBO Holding GmbH & Co.KG

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Ralf Dürrwang

Abteilungsleiter in der Konzernzentrale Deutsche Post DHL

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Portrait von Herrn Kukla

Michael Kukla

Director HR Reifenhauser-Group

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Portrait von Herrn Lunken

Dirk Lunken

Rechtsanwalt (Syndikusanwalt) und Leiter Zentrales Personalwesen der Ford-Werke GmbH in Köln

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Portrait von Jörn Fach

Jörn Fach

Head of Talent Management Germany der Bayer AG

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The department of Management Sciences is being represented by Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker Prof. Dr. Britta Krahn  and Prof. Dr. Dirk Schreiber (Vice-Dean of the department).