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Department of Management Sciences

Committees of the Department of Management Sciences

Here you can find information about committees of the Department of Management Sciences.

Departmental Council

The departmental council is elected by the members of the department. It consists of representatives of the professorate, research and technical associates and student representatives. The departmental council decides on important matters of the department, e. g. decrees on statutes such as the study and examination regulations, decisions on the department’s structural and development plan and decisions on appointments.

Examination Board

The examination board is elected by the departmental council. It decides on all matters concerning the department’s examination regulation. The board ensures compliance with the examination regulations and the proper conduct of examinations. Furthermore the board decides on all requests, exceptions and special regulations that are relevant to the exams.

Advisory Board

In order to systematically strengthen the cooperation between companies and the department of Management Sciences an advisory board was founded following a decision by the departmental council in November 2010. It is the aim of the advisory board to build a continuous and active bridge between theory and practice.