Master's Thesis topics list in the MBA Program

Master's Thesis Topics submitted by former students of the MBA Program:


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Graduation year of 2018

"Corporate-NGO partnerships in a critical reflection​" (Dodo Mamadou Baba​, Batch 2016)

"Child protection policies and strategies as management tools of NGOs in Delhi​" (Aadhya Kaul, Batch 2016)

"Development of an effective advertising strategy for antihistamine drugs in the pharmaceutical industry in Uzbekistan​" (Valentin Khen, Batch 2012)

Graduation year of 2017

"Online Fundraising as a strategic field of work for NGOs - what can NGOs learn from the private sector?​" (Jose Luis Gomez Cruz, Batch 2015)

"Process factors in NGO Corporate Relationship Management (CRM)" (Saskia Hedrich, Batch 2015)

"A qualitative analysis of the success factors for entrepreneurship and SME development in Ghana-the role of education, training, consulting and advice​" (Mara Thomas, Batch 2013)

"Integration of smallholder farmer in global supply chains and development - related impacts​" (Catharina Abs, Batch 2014)

"CSR implementation in the Dairy Industry in Vietnam​" (Tan Nguyen, Batch 2013)

"Tackling Sustainable Development: Climate Change Adaption in Cities - The cases of Rotterdam and Chennai" (Amina Schild, Batch 2014)

"Gender Responsive Monitoring & Evaluation in development projects​" (Ayesha Hussain, Batch 2014)

"Correlation of Happiness with Social Entrepreneurship: A Bhutan Case Study​" (Philip Schiebold, Batch 2013)

​"Measuring development: an inventory of the uses indicators and a first critical evaluation of their explanatory power in rural development​" (Ana Bruda Plasenica, Batch 2014)

Graduation year of 2016

"Change management: Leadership's Role in Moving Organizational Culture towards Corporate Social Responsibility​" (Shay Clark, Batch 2013)

"Market Entry Strategy for German SMEs into the East African Market: The Case of Kenya's Furniture Industry" (David Elema, Batch 2014)

​"Relationship marketing and CRM systems for NGOs in Germany​" (Andrea Rickers, Batch 2012)

​"Effectiveness of the Management of School System in Eastern Nigeria​" (Stephen Okechukwu Oranuba​, Batch 2012)

Graduation year of 2015

"The importance of purchase associations for the footwear sector in Spain" (Enrique Trejo Parra, Batch 2012)

"Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chain Management - a comparison of different industry approaches​" (Ecaterina Chislari, Batch 2012​)

"Opportunities and Obstacles to Sustainable Human Development in the People's Republic of China: Success Factors of Public-Private Partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility Approaches" (Elias Drew​ Hardwick-Witmann, Batch 2013​)

Graduation year of 2014

"Contribution of Corporate Security to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities" (Lana Djurkin-König​, Batch 2011)

"Characteristics of the organizations' culture within an international NGO: The case of Fairtrade International e.V." (Norma Isabel Berrio Baquero​, Batch 2011)

"Virtual Volunteering in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)" (Yu Lun Chung​, Batch 2011)

​"Challenges and Prospects of Assessing UNCCD's Effectiveness​" (Siaham Gaiz, Batch 2012)


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