Donors and Sponsors

It is no news that education is one of several sectors suffering under increasing cutbacks in public funding. However, the withdrawal of public monies need not mean an inevitable loss of quality in the fields of teaching and research. On the contrary, a whole range of new possibilities are now opening up to universities and businesses who wish to forge creative, market-oriented paths together.

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg has long been taking advantage of these opportunities and now offers companies a wide range of options for becoming actively involved with the university. Businesses, the university and not least the students themselves can only benefit from these forms of cooperation. They guarantee that academic training remains practically oriented and provide purposeful support for potential new employees, a factor which in times of increasing skills shortages cannot be rated highly enough. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

However, while many countries have a centuries-old tradition of companies and private individuals supporting the educational institutions closest to them, a corresponding culture of support has yet to develop in Germany. Along with public funding, private contributions are becoming increasingly important when it comes to meeting the demands of a global economy with respect to education, research and development. Companies, especially those in the region, are now being called upon more than ever to contribute to the promotion of young talent and thus to our common future.

Many companies are taking this development seriously and assuming responsibility both in their own interest and in that of society. Over the years, a large circle of friends and sponsors have come together and helped shape our university.

The university is constantly seeking strong partners, donors and sponsors who will enable us to continue offering practically oriented teaching and research that meet the highest academic standards.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about funding projects, scholarships, donations and sponsoring!    

We will gladly hold personal discussions with you on ways in which you can become involved.

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