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Practical phase, final thesis and study abroad

Short Overview on Practical Phase and Final Thesis (BSc degree courses) and Study Abroad


Recommended Procedure

Final Thesis

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Short overview on practical phase and final thesis (relevant for BSc degree courses)

The practical phase has to be completed in appropriate companies, administrative or research institutions (also at BRSU). Accompanying events take place at the university. There is no entitlement to the allocation of a place for an external practical phase.

During the practical phase our students are supervised by a professor or teacher of the university who has been assigned by the examination board as well as a tutor at the training institution.

The participation will be confirmed by the person in charge for supervision, if a certificate of the training institution concerning the active participation of the student has been presented  - or - the practical work corresponded with the purpose of the practical phase and the student properly carried out the tasks delegated to him or her

The practical phase can be repeated once if the participation has not been confirmed by the person in charge for supervision. 


Recommended Procedure

  • Find an adequate training position and for a supervisor of the university according to paragraph. Find a suitable position and a university supervisor.
  • You can receive the fact sheet necessary for the application from the authorized persons for the practical phase or under "Data Sheet" (pdf). Please fill out the form and hand it in, signed by your supervising professor, to the authorized person for the practical phase. The specified time frame is 3 months, any further time you are planning to spend at your training institution is not relevant for the practical phase.
  • Upon completion of the practical phase a certificate ("Certificate Practical Phase") for successful participation has to be handed in as soon as possible. This document is also available at the office of the authorized person for the practical phase. Upon receipt the examination office will be informed about your successful participation.


Further questions:   Authorized persons for the practical phase


Carrying out the thesis

  • First of all, you must find a thesis internally in the department or externally in a company, university or research institution. The first supervisor of your thesis must always be a member of the university faculty. You will discuss the task and topic with him or her and determine the second supervisor.
  • You should use the ISS portal to apply to the Examination Board for approval of your thesis. You can find the instructions here. Please note that the application can only be approved if your practical phase has been booked.
  • The examination board approves the thesis and sets the submission date. In cases of hardship, the processing time can be extended by up to 4 weeks.
  • The thesis must be handed in at the secretary's office or at the information desk in building K. Please note:

        -   Do not forget to sign page 1 of your thesis regarding the independent preparation of the thesis! (see also document "Thesis Guide")

        -   The thesis must be submitted in triplicate, with at least one copy in printed and bound form. The remaining copies can be submitted in digital or bound form in consultation with the examiners.  (if necessary, please contact the secretary's office to arrange delivery to the second examiner)

       -   Bring the completed submission form with you: see "Submission confirmation" form.

  •   Arrange the colloquium date with your examiners. Submit an application for admission to the colloquium in ISS  and enter the date for the planned colloquium date there. The application for the colloquium will only be approved if all other examinations have been completed.



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