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University and District Library

Workshops for Researchers

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer various training courses tailored to the needs of researchers.

Impact Factor & Scientific Record

Bibliometric indicators play an increasing role in the research landscape, but are controversial. In cooperation with the Graduate Institute (GI) we explain and discuss common citation measurements as well as current developments on the topic. Furthermore, we present online services allowing you to present and make known your research activities (Scientifc Record) on the internet.

Self-Archiving & Legal Aspects

The Open Access movement paves the way for so-called self-archiving. Research networks such as ResearchGate or offer the opportunity to upload your own publications. In the workshop, which was developed in cooperation with the GI, we show possibilities to increase the visibility of your self-archived publications. In the second step, we discuss everything you need to know about the legal aspects of Open Access publishing.

Predatory Publishers & Open Access

In cooperation with the GI we offer trainings on the phenomenon "Predatory Publishers". What is it all about and how can you distinguish serious journals from fraudulent ones? In this workshop we give you important information and tools to protect yourself against fraudulent journals.

Reference Management with Citavi

The University and District Library has acquired a license for Citavi6. Upon request, we can conduct live demonstrations of the program. However, you will get an optimal introduction in our workshops with exercises. We train you extensively with the functionalities, so that you can master the program perfectly.

Literature Search

Many databases we have licensed are not self-explanatory in their use. We offer workshops with exercises for effective research, e.g. the application of logical combinations, research strategies or searching for citation relationships.

Atlassian Confluence

If you would like to work with a Wiki software in a team, you are welcome to book a workshop with us. As with all workshop offers, you can choose between a course with or without exercises. Learn more about Confluence here.

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Still working with paper lab books? If you are thinking about an electronic solution, please contact us. H-BRS researchers can get access to an electronic laboratory notebook.

Handling of Research Data

More and more research funding agencies require the publication of research data. We show you possible infrastructures for data backup and storage, prepare you for data management plans and discuss possible locations for the publication of your data. Legal issues are taken into account, as is the citation capability of research data.

Would you like a workshop or a combination of the above topics? Please feel free to contact us. We can also design new workshops, e.g. on topics from our range of consulting services.