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Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

Technical Journalism (BSc)

Studiengang Technikjournalismus Fachbereich EMT (DE)
Whether it’s digitization, the energy transition, or Industry 4.0, technology is changing society and has an enormous impact on our everyday lives. As a qualifying technical journalist, you learn to professionally process content using different channels: in word and image, via audio and video, or via blogs and social media. The range of topics covered by our bachelor’s degree programme in Technical Journalism (BSc) is broad, from issues relating to energy, the environment and mobility to media technology, games, virtual reality and IT.

Programme content

First, students learn about different aspects of the media system, develop the basic practical journalistic and communication skills, and acquire an overview of the professional field of technical journalism. This content is supplemented by the MINT subjects - mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences and technology - which extend over the entire course of study.

During the third and fourth semesters, students further develop their knowledge of different journalistic content and expand their skills to include corporate and marketing communication. The curriculum also includes research policy, technology ethics and further development of English language skills. In the fifth semester, the students try out what they have learned in a practical semester. They learn about everyday working life on an editorial board, in the communication department of a company and in an agency. Alternatively, they can complete a study semester abroad.

During the sixth and seventh semesters, the focus is on the area of specialism (journalism in a specific field), knowledge required for management roles (leadership and the law) and preparation for entering into the profession or starting their own business. Students provide evidence of their skills as communication professionals through practical work in the media, before completing the bachelor’s degree programme in Technical Journalism (BSc) with a bachelor thesis and the colloquium.

Perspectives and job prospects

The demand for specialists who are able to communicate complex technical material is high. Graduates of the Technical Journalism degree programme are in demand as journalists, PR consultants, social media editors and communication experts in the marketing field. On the one hand, there are opportunities for employment in the private sector, such as in media companies and publishing houses, and in research institutes and academic institutions. There are also good career prospects in corporate and product communication, in press offices or in PR and advertising agencies.

With a bachelor’s degree in Technical Journalism, you are qualified for a large number of master’s programmes in the field of media or communications. Building on the bachelor’s degree programme in Technical Journalism (BSc) the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences offers the master’s degree programme in Technology and Innovation Communications (MSc).

Study contents Technical Journalism (BSc)


Progress of study

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Practical Semester

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Bachelor's degree

Standard period of study

Seven semesters / 210 ECTS

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Start of course

Winter term

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Formal requirements for admission are either the “Fachhochschulreife” or an “Allgemeine Hochschulreife” higher-level secondary school-leaving qualification, a corresponding vocational qualification, or previous education that is regarded as being of equivalent value.


The degree programme is free of admission. You can enrol from 1 June to 1 October for the start of the winter semester.

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