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International Office

Application Process for Studying at our Partner Universities

First, please make sure that you attend the information sessions on study abroad/practical semesters organised by your department. Further information, including advice on grants and scholarships, is available from the International Office. Please do not hesitate to stop by during our office hours or contact us for an appointment.

Application Deadlines and Place Allocation

  • If you would like to start your studies in the winter semester, the application period is from the start of December to January 15th.

    For the summer semester the application deadline is September 1st

  • The number of placements at the partner universities may be restricted. You can indicate a second partner university in your application as an alternative.
  • Placements at partner universities are preferentially allocated for the winter semester. Any remaining placements are then allocated for the summer semester. If you plan to apply for a semester abroad in the summer semester, it is absolutely necessary that you check the semester dates of the respective partner university, as they may clash with the semester dates at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Furthermore, the courses offered may be limited in the summer semester.
  • The International Office will send you an e-mail in February/March (for the winter semester) or in October/November (for the summer semester) to let you known whether you have got a placement and notify you of any formalities that still need to be completed.

Language Proficiency Requirements

Language proficiency requirements differ depending on the partner university and are documented in the partnership agreement. If the partner university does not have any specific language requirements, the rules regarding proof of language proficiency stipulated by the respective department are valid.

Information on the level of language knowledge required by the partner universities can be obtained from the International Office or the international coordinators in each department.


Application Documents

These documents (in English*) will have to be upladed during the online application process via  "Mobility Online":

(*not required for courses at your partner university offered exclusively in German)

  • Signed declaration of consent regarding the Data Protection Policy (will be automatically generated by the system)
  • CV
  • Full current PDF transcript in English (In SIS select “Performance record (PDF)”, check the boxes "English" and "Durchschnittsnote (average grade)", check all boxes underneath "Vollständig mit (complete transcript with)" and click on "Anzeigen" in the bottom right corner to display the transcript). At the time of application the transcript should not be older than four weeks
  • Motivational letter (max. 1½ pages). Please explain your reasons for applying to study abroad, why you chose the respective partner university and what interests you most about the courses offered at that institution
  • if applicable, proof of language proficiency according to the requirements of the host university (please see above)

Application Process in the "Mobility Online" Online Portal

You can find the link to the application form here: Application portal Mobility Online

1) In the first step, the application form asks for some personal data and you indicate which partner university you would like to apply for. An alternative choice can be indicated.

You choose:

  • "Erasmus (SMS) Exchange" if you wish to apply for a place at an Erasmus+ partner university.
  • "Non-Erasmus", if you are applying for a place at a partner university within Europe that is not an Erasmus+ partner university, and for all other non-European partner universities.

2) It is important that you select your degree programme correctly. If you do so, the corresponding partner universities will be displayed in the next step. 

3) Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation asking you to register via the "Mobility Online" portal.

4) The link in the e-mail will take you directly to the correct page, where you must enter your matriculation number for authentication and choose a user name and password. You will then receive a registration confirmation with your user name by email. If you should forget your password, you can have a new one sent to you via "Forgot password". You can then use these credentials to log into the portal at all times and complete your application step by step.

5) After registration, you can upload the necessary application documents to the portal.

6) After the application deadline your documents will be checked and, if complete, forwarded to your respective academic department.

For detailed answers to all questions concerning the application with Mobility Online, please take a look at our FAQs: 

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQs, please contact the International Office (


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