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Bonn fringe ensemble meets IVC

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Wednesday 19 April 2023

The Institute for Visual Computing met with the fringe ensemble in the Showroom Visualisation on 7.12.22. The focus was on a prospective collaboration in projects in which digital techniques (app-controlled tour/game elements/AR) are used in different forms and intensities.
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The Games Technology Network (GTN) integrates games from different perspectives into museum practice and thus initiates an exchange between science, games studios and cultural institutions. Gamification methods, interaction metaphors and techniques/devices as well as mixed reality are used to create new user experiences in the institutions.

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Founded in 1999, the fringe ensemble has already created over 100 productions, projects and project series at home and abroad. For several years now, it has been working on projects in which digital techniques are used in various forms and intensities. Starting with digitally controlled video technology and live connections to international partners, the pandemic led to the development of interactive and participatory formats alongside live streamed performances.

The discussion resulted in a variety of cooperation opportunities such as student theses and project work as well as the preparation of joint research proposals. We thank them for their visit and the interesting exchange and look forward to further cooperation.


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