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International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)

Personenporträt Angela Turck Mitarbeiterin

Angela Turck

Research associate 'Responsible Economy and Natural Resources'/Ph.D. student


International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)


Sankt Augustin


G 033


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


+49 2241 865 9717

Research Projects

KLUGER Transfer - Climate - Environment - Health - Transfer

The project's aim is to develop and test new methods and instruments for institutionalised transfer cooperation between non-university research institutions (AUF) and universities of applied sciences (HAW), using the example of global climate and environmental change and associated health effects. A multi-stage transfer chain from basic research via applied research and teaching to societal, economic, and political actors will be developed. Suitable and innovative formats will be designed and implemented to create a sustainable system of knowledge transfer into practice. Accompanying research will record and analyse knowledge transfer preferences of researchers and practitioners.

Project management at the H-BRS

Prof. Dr Katja Bender Prof. Dr Martin Hamer Prof. Dr Stefanie Meilinger Prof. Dr Wiltrud Terlau
DINA - Diversity of Insects in Nature protected Areas

The research project "Diversity of Insects in Nature protected Areas (DINA)" is the first of its kind in Germany and aims to address research deficits on the effects of agricultural use in the vicinity of nature conservation areas in the field of applied biodiversity research. Thus, the impact of agricultural use on biodiversity is to be assessed, with insects being the focus of the investigation.

Project management at the H-BRS

Prof. Dr Wiltrud Terlau


  • Turck, A., Schloemer, L., Terlau, W. (2022): Caught between trilemma and dilemma – farmers’ perspective - objectives of famers’ challenges in enhancing biodiversity: an assessment within german nature-protected areas. System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2022. DOI: 
  • Hirsch, D., Turck, A., Terlau, W. (2022): Institutional Settings Surrounding Agriculture and Biodiversity: Challenges, Potentials and Obstacles of a Contract-based Nature Protection Scheme in the Rhine-Sieg District of Germany. Int. J. Food System Dynamics 13 (1), 2022, 30-45.


  • Köthe, S., Schneider F.D., Bakanov, N., Brühl, C.A., Eichler, L., Fickel, T., Gemeinholzer, B., Hörren, T., Lux, A., Meinel, G., Schäffler, L., Scherber, C., Sorg, M., Swenson, S.J., Terlau, W., Turck, A., Zizka, V.M.A., Lehmann, G.U.C.,  Mühlethaler, R. (2022): Improving insect conservation management through insect monitoring and stakeholder involvement. Biodivers Conserv.  DOI:10.1007/s10531-022-02519-1 
  • Lehmann, G.U.C., Bakanov, N., Behnisch, M., Bourlat, S.J., Brühl, C.A., Eichler, L., Fickel, T., Geiger, M.F., Gemeinholzer, B., Hörren, T., Köthe, S., Lux, A., Meinel, G., Mühlethaler, R., Poglitsch, H., Schäffler, L., Schlechtriemen, U., Schneider, F.D., Schulte, R., Sorg, M., Sprenger, M., Swenson, S.J., Terlau, W., Turck, A., Zizka, V.M.A. (2021): Diversity of Insects in Nature protected Areas (DINA): an interdisciplinary German research project. Biodivers Conserv.