With inclusion for the win: Purple Light Up

Wednesday 1 December 2021

purplelightupaction.png (EN)

3 days to go until St. Nicholas Day, 21 days to go until Christmas... anything else? Today is 3 December, the International Day for People with Disabilities. The global campaign "Purple Light Up" wants to set an example on this day: many buildings, but also digital spaces, are shining in purple light today. Hochschule Bonn-Rhein Sieg is also shining purple today - in video form.

The video, produced by the initiative "Respect! Time for Diversity, Time for Sustainability", will tell you more about this special day - and also what matters to the inclusion actors at H-BRS.

Purple Light Up campaign at H-BRS

Purple Light Up campaign at H-BRS

Why are we participating in the campaign? Through our actions, we would like to set an example for the participation of people with disabilities and an appreciative cooperation.

11 percent of all students at German universities have a disability that affects their studies. In addition, there are people with disabilities among university employees. Both groups have one thing in common - they will find contact partners for inclusion at H-BRS in our actors from the video. 

The initiative Respekt! is organising a raffle to accompany the campaign. To enter, please send your answer to the following prize question by 10 December by e-mail to respekt@h-brs.de (keyword: Purple Light Up):

How many inclusion actors do you see in the video?

We will raffle the following prizes among all correct answers:

3x Respekt! mug

4x fruit/vegetable net for sustainable shopping

5x PC camera cover

Good luck – and Purple Light Up!

Are you interested in the topic of inclusion, disability and studying at our university? Then take a look at our information portal: Inclusion.

Do you have suggestions and ideas for inclusion activities? Feel free to contact us.