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Sustainable Social Policy (BA)

Practical Semester

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Bachelor's degree programme Sustainable Social Policy (BA)

A compulsory internship semester in Germany or abroad is planned for the 6th semester. The practical semester is designed to give you an insight into everyday working life and strengthen the link between your studies and professional practice. During the practical semester, you have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge you have already acquired during your studies in practice and to incorporate questions from practice into and for the further course of your studies. By choosing an internship semester position, you can sharpen your personal profile and set individual accents. 

The practical phase can, for example, be completed with actors in local social policy, in ministries at various federal levels or with a political party. Social insurance institutions and organisations relevant to social policy (trade unions, associations, foundations, non-governmental organisations) as well as media companies and research institutions are also possible internship semester locations. You can find a selection of potential internship semester positions in LEA.  

You also have the opportunity to apply for the department's ‘Get Balkanised’ internship programme. The programme arranges internships in South Eastern Europe, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The internship semester lasts at least 20 weeks. Admission to the internship semester is granted if at least four semesters have been completed and at least 70 ECTS have been achieved. During the internship semester, you will be supervised by a professor from the faculty who will also assess the internship semester report. The internship semester earns you 30 ECTS credits.

Information event

In the 4th and 5th semesters, information events are offered on the topic of internship semesters in Germany and abroad.

Phillip Jochmannn - Student FB SV (DE)


"The interdisciplinary nature of the Sustainable Social Policy degree programme between the three specialisations is unique and the implementation is brilliant. The integration of the internship semester, which I am doing in Brussels with the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), is also a special feature that I have not found in any other degree programme."  Philipp Jochmann (student, class of 2017)

Henning Schneider - Student FB SV (DE)


"The Sustainable Social Policy degree programme is more varied than a pure politics or sociology course at university, which would have interested me too. The university of applied sciences also has more practical relevance and even a practical semester. What can I do with it? I would prefer to work for a non-governmental organisation, as there are quite a few in the region."  Henning Schneider (deputy class speaker, class of 2017)





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