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Department of Natural Sciences

FAQ for students of the Department of Natural Sciences

What the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I need a certificate which confirms that I am enrolled at the university.
Your registration confirmation which you receive at the beginning of every semester in paper form is an official document.

Where do I receive general information and guidance?
For general information and guidance please check the internet pages of our International Office.

How can I find an apartment?
Information regarding accommodation - for international students is to be found here.

I lost / forgot something...
Lost and found is at the receptionists' office (K building).

Where do I have to announce any change in address, email or telephone number?
Please send all changed information to the Registrar's Office.

The PIN code of my student ID card isn't working or my card is broken, has been stolen.
Please give your student ID card in a closed envelope with 'Studierendensekretariat' on it to the receptionist. The repaired card will then be sent to your private address. Please make sure the secretary has your correct private address.

How do I sign up at the library or make requests?
Please have a look at this page or contact the team of the library. Make acquisition proposals here.

I need a lab coat. Who organizes the acquisition of my lab coat?
For your lab work you’ll need a lab coat.
Make sure to get one in time (at least knee length, long arms and made from cotton (minimum 35% cotton)). You may want to contact the Student council (Fachschaft)

What do I do about glass breakage, say in the lab? 
This service is also organized by the Student Council (Fachschaft). However, note that in some labs the organisation may differ.



How can I get an email address and a password?

Newly enrolled students must self-register in MIA and receive their email address, department code vnnnnn5s and password there. See also

How much storage space does my e-mail have?
Your e-mail account has a maximum of 1 GB. If you reach this limit no further messages can be delivered to you. If you have problems erasing messages then you should go to OPTIONEN then VOREINSTELLUNGEN FÜR ORDNER and set the option KEINEN PAPIERKORB BENUTZEN (no use of recycle bin).

How can I erase my e-mails if my inbox is full?
If you have problems by erasing emails, choose OPTIONEN and mark in VOREINSTELLUNGEN FÜR ORDNER the option KEINEN PAPIERKORB BENUTZEN (no use of recycle bin).

How can I set up email forwarding, can I use other email clients?
These and other questions with instructions can be found at

How can I get a user account and a password for the PC pools?

You will receive this during self-registration in MIA, see 1. point

What is the Student Information System (SIS)?
The Student Information System is the most important organisation tool. You can sign up for practical and elective courses, specific mailing lists, and look at your transcripts. Log-In: SIS.

How do I get onto SIS?
To get into the SIS system you have to choose a password which will then be sent to your e-mail.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Click on SIS, then go to the option "forgot my password" or 'Passwort vergessen'. Then, give your user name and your matriculation number. The new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

Where can I save my data? 

H:\ personal home drive, this drive is intended for storing your files. H:\ persönliches Homelaufwerk, dieses Laufwerk ist für die Speicherung Ihrer Dateien vorgesehen. Des weiteren können sie die BIB Cloud nutzen, dort haben Sie 15 GB Speicherplatz,

How can I use WLAN in the university?
You have access to the Wifi from nearly every building within the campus area to log into the internet.

Lectures and Courses

Do practical courses take place already in the first week of the semester? When do I get the information about introductory courses and specific safety briefings?

You will find the relevant announcements here and here. This includes information regarding obligatory safety briefings and other specific introductory courses usually taking place during the first week of the semester.

To which group of the language course will I get assigned?

There are placement tests during the orientation weeks which are supposed to serve as a decision guidance with regard to the language and the level you should choose. For further information please contact Mr. Kapec from the Language Centre.

How and when can I get in contact with a professor?
A current list of the professor's consultation hours will be posted on the information board and at the secretarys office. Additionally you can visit our webpage.

How can I get a copy of the lecture notes or copies of old written tests?
At the Student Council (Fachschaft; K building, Room K 208). Lectures and scripts of practical courses are also offered via internet (password protected).

Where do I find the different schedules?
All time schedules are published here - except the Department's time schedule.

How will I be informed if a course is cancelled or postponed?
You will get a notification via email

What is the difference between Elective Course A and Elective Course B?
Elective course A is a compulsory which must be chosen out of a course catalog. An examination on the subject or an enrollment certificate is needed to have successfully passed the course. The results of the exam from the elective courses and from the mandatory courses will be added to your transcripts. The contents of the course catalog are subject to change.

Elective course B can be chosen from the entire course catalog of the university and has to be completed before the end of the studies.


Matters of Examinations

How do I deregister for an exam?
Deregistration is done via SIS and must be announced one week before the exam latest. Deregistration can be done only once per module! Please see also Exams and more.

Where and how do I have to deliver a doctor's note in case of illness?
Doctor's notes must be delivered within 3 days (day of examination plus 2 days) via email or personally at the secretary´s office (I building) or at the reception (K building). Additionally you'll have to fill out a form with your matriculation number, course of studies, exam subject, etc. - Please see also Exams and more and this page.

How can I look at my transcripts (German: Notenspiegel)?
You can have a look at your transcripts through any PC using the SIS system. Your 'complete' transcripts which you use to apply to other universities can be picked up from the examination office. - Please see also Exams and more.

Where do I pick up my diploma?
At the secretary´s office of the department approximately three weeks after the colloquium. Please call beforehand to see if your diploma is there and when you can pick it up. - Please see also Exams and more.



Where do I hand in my thesis?
During the day you can hand it in at the secretary´s office (I building, Room I 222) of the department. Otherwise you can give your thesis to the receptionist in the lobby. The thesis will then be picked up the next morning.
Please note that 3 copies of your thesis have to be handed it.

Can I choose the company for my Bachelor internship or will they be assigned?
Usually the student chooses the company. The internship will be attended to by a professor from the university whom the student can choose himself.

Can I write my thesis at BRSU or at another university?
Yes, both options are possible.

I need: Fachbereich05-Mustervorlage für eine Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung.
Here is the link: Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung - MUSTER - Fachbereich05, which is also on webpage "Practical phase, final thesis and study abroad".



Where can I find jobs after graduation?
Current job offers are published via the job exchange "Stellenwerk".