Andrea Schröder

Administrative Director of the Centre for Teaching Development and InnovationPresident’s Commissioner for didactical training

Field of research

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


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andrea.schroeder [at]


Von-Liebig-Straße 20
B 118
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by appointment
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Sankt Augustin

Grantham Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
E 249
Office hours: 
by appointment
(to be arranged via e-mail)

University didactics
Z I E L (Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation)


Field of work

  • Administrative director, Centre for teaching development and innovation (
  • Quality improvement in teaching
  • Didactical training programme for teachers (H-BRS)
  • International didactical workshops (Ghana, China)
  • Mentor of the hdw nrw (
  • Mermber of the Commission for Teaching, Studies and Training of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
  • Member of "eCore"
  • Member of “pro-MINT-us”
  • Member of the working group NRW "Decoding the disciplines"
  • E-learning (e-tools and didactics)
  • Simulation as a teaching method
  • Didactical consulting for teachers
  • Consulting for newly appointed professors
  • Teaching in the area of civil law
  • Assistance to students during practical semesters and semesters abroad
  • Supervision of Bachelors’ theses, project reports and term papers

Subject area

  • Civil law
    - Legal bases
    - Doctrine on legal transactions
    - Contract law
    - Service disruptions, warranty, guarantee
    - Consumer protection, right of revocation, law of the terms and conditions
    - Distance contracts
    - Unauthorised actions
    - Real property law and movable property law
  • Evidence and civil procedure law
  • Dunning process and foreclosure
  • Legal methodology and case processing
  • Rights of social media



Logo ProMINTus

Pro-MINT-us2: Project to support students during the introductory phase


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