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Department of Engineering and Communication

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the EMT department of the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University!
Department EMT

There are about seventy professors and research associates working in the department of electrical and mechanical engineering and technical journalism (EMT). Their goal is to research, lecture and provide a qualified education to our about 1.500 students.

Interdisciplinary teamwork

The interdisciplinary way of working and the quality of lectures are trademarks of our department. It is important to us that students of the diffenrent specialisations are not only united in one building but have crossdisciplinary courses. At the same time we are proud to be able to offer latest classrooms and laboratorys to our students. 

Practical orientation

The education in the EMT department is practically orientated to give our students the ability to coordinate their theoretical knowledge with the requirements of the professional world. Therefor working in project groups is an essential part of many courses. 


The semesters of the bachelors´ courses of study have a special structure to improve the autonomous working of the students. Therefor the semesters are parted into sequences of four weeks of lectures followed by a practical orientated "block-week". This concept is named Four-One-Model.

Studierwerkstatt: support of study abilities

Our deparment wants to help pupils that have deficits in mathematical or technical skills to start technical studies. Projects like Pro-MINT-us and HBRS Startgut are examples to reach this goal.


The campus wide Pro-MINT-us project ist supported by "Teaching Quality Pact" of the Federal Government. The goal is to support our students´ mathematical and scientific competences in the beginning of their study. The name stands for a project based way of learning in MINT courses like maths, information science, natural sciences and technology.

Cooperation with the economy and the Business-Campus

A lot of interesting projects in the EMT department appeared in cooperation with the local industry. Moreover the university has several contracts with companys which like to start projects with students of the bachelor and master studies. The Business Campus supports the founding, establishing and expansion of young companies in the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg region.