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Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems (A2S)

LOGO Institut A2S
Institute for AI and Autonomous Systems
A2S summary diagram
The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems bundles research, transfer and teaching at the H-BRS on the topics of AI and autonomous systems.


b-it bots holen Titel bei German Open b  2024-04-21_Foto b-it bots

Robotics team wins the RoboCup German Open robotics championship in Kassel

ICRA24 logo

Paper by Santosh Thoduka accepted at ICRA 2024

MAS+A2S Join Us With Background

Open position for a permanent professorship (W2) for Computer Science, with a specialisation in Autonomous Systems

Lucy Santa and QTrobot

Happy holidays from the A2S institute

MigrAVE final meeting

Final meeting of the MigrAVE project takes place online

Research projects

ZAT Rhein-Ruhr

Center for Assistive Technologies Rhein-Ruhr

MigrAVE logo teaser



SESAME (Safe and Secure Multi-Robot-Systems)

METRICS logo teaser

Metrological Evaluation and Testing of Robots in International Competitions (METRICS)

symbolbild_drohne_flugzeug_forschungsprojekt_safemuv_colourbox_03052022.jpg (DE)

Safe Airframe Inspection using Multiple UAVs (SAFEMUV)