Autonomous Systems (MSc)

Studiengang Master Autonome Systeme

The English-language programme is the first Master’s degree course dealing with autonomous systems in Germany. It is run by globally recognised robotics experts, and the b-it bots RoboCup team has been successful on an international scale for several years.

You can apply for admission the year before the semester starts: for the winter semesters starting November 15 and for the summer semesters starting May 15. The deadlines are as follows:

For EU residents and nationals of countries who do not require visas to study in  Germany:
Winter Semester: August 15 the same year that the semester starts
Summer Semester: February 15 the same year that the semester starts.

For those requiring a visa, the deadlines are January 15 for winter semesters and July 15 for the summer semester

Information on the application procedure

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