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Institute for Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Systems - A2S

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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems bundles research, transfer and teaching at the H-BRS on the topics of AI and autonomous systems.
Goals and tasks

Autonomous systems are increasingly being used in a wide range of application areas, in particular also increasingly in those of everyday life. For example, robots are used in the inspection of safety-critical infrastructures and cooperating multi-robot systems support nursing staff in the time-consuming transport of hospital beds. The increasing importance of autonomous systems in our daily lives results in new challenges - depending on the area of application, also challenges for society as a whole - which must be taken into account and overcome in the design, implementation and operation of such autonomous systems.

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems defines three strategic fields of action, namely the research and development of elementary system functions for autonomous systems (e.g. perception, machine learning, etc.), their use and evaluation in the context of demanding application domains (e.g. care, health, logistics), as well as the guarantee of system properties that concern, for example, the safety and social acceptance of autonomous systems.   

As part of the Department of Computer Science, the A2S works in the fields of "Artificial Intelligence" and "Autonomous Systems" in the area of research and development on the following topics and on the following tasks or goals, among others:

  • Close content-related interlocking and focus formation of the specialist colleagues in the subject area of "Artificial Intelligence" and "Autonomous Systems" at the Department of Computer Science at the university.
  • Concentration of resources at the Department of Computer Science for the research focus on "Artificial Intelligence" and "Autonomous Systems" and coordination of the work.
  • Transfer of know-how and specialists to the region and the whole of Germany.
  • Spin-off of start-ups with innovative AI-based autonomous systems and AI-based services.
  • Support and further development of teaching through research-relevant contents in the Department of Computer Science, in particular with regard to the relevant Master's degree programmes "Computer Science" and "Autonomous Systems".
  • Continuous research activities and supervision of doctoral students (e.g. in with universities or within the doctoral college NRW).
  • Unterstützung und Weiterentwicklung der Lehre durch forschungsrelevante Inhalte im
    Fachbereich Informatik, insbesondere in Bezug auf die einschlägigen Masterstudiengänge „Informatik“ und „Autonomous Systems“.
  • Kontinuierliche Forschungsaktivitäten und Betreuung von Promovierenden (z.B. in
    Verbindung mit Universitäten oder innerhalb des Promotionskollegs NRW).


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SESAME (Safe and Secure Multi-Robot-Systems)

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Safe Airframe Inspection using Multiple UAVs (SAFEMUV)

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Metrological Evaluation and Testing of Robots in International Competitions (METRICS)