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International Academic Affairs and Welcome Centre
Monday - Wednesday: 10 - 13 h
10 - 12 h and 14 - 16 h
Rheinbach: Monday and Tuesday
10 - 13 h and Thursday 10 - 12 h and 14 - 16 h
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Grantham Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
E 056 - E 061, C 006 (Rheinbach)
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international [dot] office [at] h-brs [dot] de
The International Office is the central coordination point for international exchange and cooperation between our University and international partners.

The work of the International Office includes:

  • Supervising and supporting international students, PhD students, academics and cooperation partners
  • Providing advice to and supporting students, PhD students, academics and other staff at H-BRS on periods of study, practice, tuition and research abroad
  • Providing advice on and coordinating other service facilities of our University with respect to their international activities
  • Contributing to the maintenance of H-BRS international partnerships and expanding cooperation in developing and emerging countries
  • The International Office comprises service sections for:
  • International students and academics coming to our University
  • Studies abroad and internships abroad for students as well as staff and lecturer mobility
  • International cooperation partners
  • Please click here for an overview.
  • The International Office is an information, meeting and contact point for:
  • Students wishing to study abroad
  • Exchange students from partner universities
  • International students aiming to obtain a degree from our University
  • International PhD students and guest academics
  • Scholarship holders and students wishing to obtain a scholarship
  • University staff wishing to foster international exchange

Information for international students:

You will find a compilation of important information for international students on the web pages of the International Office. However, please do not hesitate to refer to the information provided by other pages of our university website, for instance on questions of admission etc., which is mostly available in both German and English.

international [dot] office [at] h-brs [dot] de

Dr Vera Schneider

International Office
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Maria do Carmo Massoni

Coordinator International Welcome Centre
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Susanne Farha

International Welcome Centre
welcome [dot] centre [at] h-brs [dot] de

Christina Holthaus

International Welcome Centre
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Birgit Henn

International Office Rheinbach
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jana [dot] kohl [at] h-brs [dot] de