International Welcome Centre

The International Welcome Centre is a service and contact point for international students, PhD students and visiting academics as well as exchange students from our partner universities.

We are pleased to provide you with information and advice concerning your period of stay before you even arrive, immediately after your arrival and while you are staying on our campus. However, please contact the Registrar’s Office if you have any queries concerning admission.

International students who have already been admitted by our University may register for participation in the Study Buddy programme. On arrival you will be provided with a welcome folder including all important details. The staff at our Welcome Centre will be pleased to provide you with any information on how to complete the necessary bureaucratic procedures, and they will gladly advise you on finding accommodation and on scholarship opportunities. In addition, a culture programme will be offered every semester. H-BRS has undertaken to meet certain quality standards in respect to supervising international students, which is why we have agreed to accept the National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities. In particular, we are happy to welcome graduates from German schools abroad who wish to study at our University. We have compiled special information for them and their parents.

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