Student Executive Bodies and Committees

The Student Body comprises all the students enrolled at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. It administers the central executive bodies as well as its own matters through the departmental councils of the respective departments. The Student Body consists of the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the Student Committee (AStA). Furthermore, the students' interests are represented by seats in the central executive bodies of the University of Applied Sciences. The student representatives perform their duties for a one-year term of office.
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Regulations of the Student Body (German)

The Student Parliament (StuPa)

All students elect from their ranks the Student Parliament, which is the highest decision-making body. The duties assigned to the Student Parliament are set forth in the Students' Statutes.

The Student Committee (AStA)

The Student Committee is responsible for representing the students towards the university and the public. It implements the decisions taken by the Student Parliament and conducts the current administrative affairs. With the consent of the Student Parliament, commissioners (Referent/-innen) can be appointed to perform individual duties.

The departmental councils

All students enrolled in a department elect five members into the departmental council. This executive body represents the students' interests both at the departmental level and to the public. The Student Parliament provides the departmental councils with the necessary financial means to perform their duties. See the homepage "Student Bodies" for the specific entries.