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absolventenfeier telekom dome festakt 20221022 foto juri kuestenmacher 017.JPG
On this page you will find photo galleries, reports and information on interdepartmental and public events of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.


Kinderuni Diplom Verleihung Audimax StA 20240418 Foto Juri Kuestenmacher 035.JPG
Children's University in the school year: "News from the World Workshop - Little Researchers on a Grand Scale!"

Film production, coffee roasting, fighting poverty: the ninth edition of the Children's University in the Rhein-Sieg district once again offers an exciting programme to participate in, research and listen to. This year's motto is "News from the World Workshop - Little Researchers on a Grand Scale!". Pupils from eight to twelve years of age or from the third to sixth grades of all types of schools can take part in the series of events at the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (H-BRS).

Homepage: Children's University
Press release: Children's university in the Rhine-Sieg district with five events starting in September
Picture gallery: Children's University in September 2023: Making powerful films
Picture gallery: Children's university in November 2023: On the trail of the secret of coffee roasting
Picture gallery: Children's University in March 2024: Understanding poverty, changing perspectives
Picture gallery: Children's University: Diplomas awarded in April 2024


Unternehmenstag Hochschulstrasse StA utag23 20231109 foto juri kuestenmacher 166.JPG

Company Day 2023

The H-BRS Company Day in 2023 was better attended than ever before: around 4,400 visitors came to the two-day careers fair in November; a total of 156 companies presented themselves. There were also free additional offers such as application photos by professional photographers, CV checks, coaching, interview training and numerous presentations.

Press release with video: Record attendance at the 2023 Company Day at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Picture gallery: Pictures of the Company Day in November 2023 (Gallery)

Absolventenfeier Telekom Dome Festakt 20231021 foto juri kuestenmacher 088.JPG

The big hat toss - graduation ceremony 2023

On Saturday, 21 October 2023, it was time again for the big hat toss at the graduation ceremony of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Happy graduates and their families and friends gathered in the Telekom Dome to celebrate their graduation in style.

Press release: H-BRS ceremonially bids farewell to its graduates (German)
Picture gallery and aftermovie: Graduation ceremony 2023 at the Telekom Dome (Gallery)

Welcome Erstsemester MdM StA 20230925 Foto Juri Kuestenmacher 126.JPG

Welcome@H-BRS: Reception for the first semester students in October 2023

Many hundreds of new students visited Sankt Augustin Campus for the central first-semester event of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, the Welcome@H-BRS on Monday, 25 September 2023. Around the reception in the Audimax, which was also livestreamed into lecture hall 8, the first-year students informed and enjoyed themselves at the Market of Opportunities in the Hochschulstraße and on the courtyard.

Press release: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg welcomes its first semester students for the winter semester 2023/24
Picture gallery: Welcome@H-BRS in September 2023

Sommerfest AStA StA 20230622 Foto Juri Kuestenmacher 30.JPG

Summer party 2023

As the weather didn't play ball, the start of the summer party was moved to the dining hall. This did not dampen the mood, even though for some the lunch and the opening of the party coincided. The students from the AStA, StuPa and student councils of the university organised and hosted the party, to which students and employees were invited, with great commitment.

Picture gallery: H-BRS Summer Party in June 2023

TdF2023 Tag der Forschung Hochschulstrasse StA 20230621 Foto Juri Kuestenmacher 143.JPG

Research Day 2023

The Research Day on Wednesday, 21 June 2023, at the Sankt Augustin Campus included an opening event with a panel discussion in the Audimax, numerous information stands in the Hochschulstraße, exciting guided tours and insights into laboratories and institutes and an award ceremony for scientific posters by doctoral students.

Press release: University opened laboratories and institutes on Research Day
Picture gallery: Research Day in June 2023


unternehmenstag utag2022 sta hochschulstrasse 20221110 foto juri kuestenmacher 020

The Company Day 2022

On 9 and 10 November 2022, it was that time again: Company Day took place at our university. At the largest career fair at the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg , students were able to get to know a total of around 148 companies over the two days of the fair this year. This meant 74 different companies each day and a changing lecture and coaching programme on the topic of careers and job applications.

Homepage: Company Day
Press release: Big rush at the Company Day of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Picture gallery: Pictures from the Company Day in November 2022
Film: Company Day at the H-BRS 2022

Absolventenfeier H-BRS Telekom Dome 2022 Hütewerfen

Graduation ceremony in the Telekom Dome 2022

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg held a graduation ceremony for around 900 graduates at the Telekom Dome on Saturday, 22 October 2022. A total of around 4,000 guests celebrated at the event.

Press release: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg bids farewell to graduates at ceremony (German)
Picture gallery: Graduation ceremony 2022 in the Telekom Dome (Gallery)
Movie: Impressions from the H-BRS 2022 graduation ceremony in Telekom Dome

Eröffnung des Akademischen Jahres 2022/2023

Ceremonial opening of the academic year in September 2022

On Monday, 26 September 2022, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg officially opened the academic year at the Sankt Augustin Campus. 1,800 young people will begin their studies at H-BRS this semester.

Press release: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg opens the 2022/2023 academic year with a ceremony (German)
Movie: Opening of the academic year 2022/23


kinderuni_sta_gaertnern_umweltschutz_20220428_foto_juri_kuestenmacher_019.jpg (DE)

Children's university in the 2021/22 school year: "The World Workshop - How do we want to live tomorrow?"

Under the motto "The World Workshop - How do we want to live tomorrow?", the young scientists aged between eight and twelve will be investigating questions such as how a solar system works, what the soil on the playground has to do with environmental protection and why the sea, which is actually salty, is becoming increasingly acidic.

Homepage of the Children's University: Kinderuni im Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (German)
Press Release: Hochschule lädt Schüler zur achten Kinderuni ein (German)
Picture Gallery: Children's University in April 2022: Gardening for environmental protection

Tag der Forschung 2021, Header - Save the Date

Research Day in December 2021

Presenting research at first hand is the goal of the Research Day. Through experiments, talks, lectures and presentations dealing with topics such as visual computing, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, the almost 300 visitors gained an insight into current projects at the digital event.

Press release (German): Hochschule präsentiert aktuelle Forschungsprojekte 
News (German): Best Poster Awards am Tag der Forschung


livestream absolventenfeier h-brs 2021 pressefoto.jpg (DE)

Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2021

In October 2021, the university bid farewell to two graduating classes with a virtual ceremony. In the past two academic years, around 2,500 students graduated with a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the alumni did not celebrate together with family and friends in the Telekom Dome, but via livestream in front of their computers - including graduation speeches, improvisation theatre and a graduate cooking show.

Press release: Virtual Graduation Ceremony (German)
Stream on YouTube: Live-Stream of the Graduation Ceremony 2021


kinderuni_sta_good_vibrations_iris_gross_st_20191128_foto_caro_pesch_27.jpg (DE)
Children’s Univerity for 2019/2020 academic year "Unheard-of! Ludwig samples university flavour"

According to the theme "Unheard-of! Ludwig samples university flavour", a programme of lectures and hands-on activities awaits the next generation. They will get to know instruments of world cultures and discover what rhythm can do to you and make selfies with Beethoven. In addition to the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences and the H-BRS, the Philosophical-Theological University SVD Sankt Augustin is once again one of the hosts.

Children's University website (German): Kinderuni Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (German)
Picture gallery: Childrens' University in February 2020 - YouTube star Beethoven (German)
Picture gallery: Children's University in February 2020: Reaching for the spark of the gods
Picture gallery: Good Vibrations II - Making Sounds Visible (German)


absolventenfeier_ausklang_20191026_foto_juri_kuestenmacher_050.jpg (DE)
Graduation Ceremony 2019 at Telekom Dome

On Saturday, 26 October 2019, more than 2,200 guests gathered at the university's grand graduation ceremony in the Telekom Baskets' playground on Hardtberg in Bonn to celebrate their success and the end of a colorful chapter of their lives with friends and family.

Press Release: Das war sie: Absolventenfeier 2019 mit 500 Absolventen (German)
Picture gallery: Graduation Ceremony in October 2019 (German)


eroeffnung_akademisches_jahr_sta_20190930_foto_juri_kuestenmacher_005.jpg (DE)

Academic year opens with a ceremony

The university officially opened the academic year on Monday, 30 September 2019 at the Sankt Augustin Campus. University President Hartmut Ihne welcomed the first semester students and numerous guests from academia, business and politics to the packed Audimax.

Picture gallery: Eröffnung des Akademischen Jahres 2019/20
Press release: Feierlich des Akademische Jahr eröffnet (German)

sommerfest_h-brs_sta_20190606_foto_juri_kuestenmacher_331.jpg (DE)

Summer party 2019

"When will it really be summer again?" asked the visitors to the summer party as it got underway, cool and cloudy in the early afternoon on the Sankt Augustin Campus. However, this did not dampen the good mood of the visitors and the later the evening, the sunnier the weather.

News: Studis organisieren Sommerfest 2019
Picture gallery: Sommerfest der Hochschule in Sankt Augustin im Juni 2019

tag_der_forschung_tdf_rhb_20190508_foto_juri_kuestenmacher_159.jpg (DE)

Research Day in May 2019

Beim vierten Tag der Forschung der Hochschule (nach 2013, 2015 im Rahmen der 20-Jahr-Feier und 2017) am Campus Rheinbach am 8. Mai nutzten Studierende, Mitarbeiter und Gäste die Gelegenheit, Forschungsprojekte live und in Farbe zu erleben und einmal zu sehen, woran hinter den sonst meist verschlossenen Labortüren der Hochschule gearbeitet wird.

Press release: Große Bandbreite an Themen am Tag der Forschung (German)
Picture gallery: Tag der Forschung im Mai 2019
Overview and Programme of the Research Day

fruehjahrsempfang_sta_nicole_sander_20190320_foto_juri_kuestenmacher_123.jpg (DE)

Frühjahrsempfang der Hochschule im März 2019

Die zum Frühjahrsempfang geladenen Gäste aus der Region lernten bei einem Rundgang das Projekt Campus to World näher kennen. Die Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg hatte mit diesem Projektantrag im Exzellenzwettbewerb "Innovative Hochschule" rund 8,7 Millionen Euro eingeworben. Im Anschluss kamen die Gäste bei einem Get-together ins Gespräch.

Pressetermin: Frühjahrsempfang der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Bildergalerie: Frühjahrsempfang der Hochschule in Sankt Augustin 2019
News: Was die Wissenschaftler mit 8,7 Millionen Euro anfangen (Rhein-Sieg-Anzeiger)


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