Available FPGAs in the Remote Lab

This page gives you information about the FPGAs available in the FPGA Vision Remote Lab.


Three FPGAs from Intel/Altera are available, two Cyclone V and one Cyclone IV .

  • Cyclone V FPGAs are device type 5CEBA2F17C6, fabricated in 28 nm CMOS technology.
  • Cyclone IV FPGA is device type EP4CE22E22C7, fabricated in 60 nm CMOS technology.

In the experiment selection the names are abbreviated to "C V" (Cyclone V) and "C IV" (Cyclone IV).

As the Cyclone V FPGAs are the same type, they have the same logical behaviour. However, they are different devices and are connected to different power supply modules. So in terms of power consumption, there can be slight difference. Also, they are in different rooms of the university, so ambient temperature can differ.

This means:

  • If you are observing signal processing you can use both FPGAs and the experiment "C V all" will connect you with an available FPGA or put you in the queue for the next FPGA that will become available.
  • If you are observing power consumption of an FPGA for different designs, you should always use the same device and select "C V 1" or "C V 2".

If you are performing an experiment, you can identify the FPGAs by the text below the image of the board.

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Indication of FPGA experiment